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Meaningful Certifications for the Human Era of Work

The PeopleProductive Institute’s courses fill a critical gap in our educational system by delivering certifications for leaders and individual contributors who want to understand what culture is, how to use it as a business tool, and even to become a Certified Culture Engineer (CCE).  This certification means they have developed a proven competency, because they have used their knowledge and skills to successfully transform a team or organization’s culture by measurably turning human capital into business results.  We are not a diploma/certificate mill.  You must apply what you have learned in a measurable way to earn a CCE.

The CCE will be one of the most sought-after certifications in this new era of work because people are the most important tool in every company.  Charles Handy, a noted Irish author/philosopher who has deep expertise in organizational behavior and leadership, noted this when he said:

“Karl Marx would be amused. He longed for the day when the workers would own the means of production. Now they do.” 

Please check out our freemium course, The Rehumanization of Work, to understand how important these skills have become in this digital era.  

Those taking the courses will develop the understanding and skills to create high-performing cultures that reduce turn-over, boost innovation, generate stronger revenue streams, strengthen customer service, and drive the efficient and effective execution of projects and programs using collaboration and leadership agility.